Citra Wiki
Charisou DX (aka Bike Rider DX)
Developers Lireneosoft
Publishers Spicysoft Corporation


Release date(s) August 1st, 2013
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Mode(s) Single Player
Compatibility Ratings 3dmoo: Stars1

Citra: Stars4 TronDS: Stars1


Enjoy a new kind of jump 'n run action, riding your bike on bumpy roads, crossing deep valleys and dodging all kinds of obstacles. Travel the globe to be the champion of the WORLD TOUR mode, or break the highscore in the endless GRAND PRIX mode and see how far you can go. You can use a variety of power-up items like the "Air Ride" and make use of fun gimmicks such as giant whirlwinds on your way through the stages! Will you be able to collect all gold coins and unlock the special bonus stages?

Just jump! - Everyone can quickly become familiar with the controls, while a large variety of stages and modes provide fun for both newcomers and experienced gamers!



  • Rating: Stars1
  • Details: ROM can be loaded, but crashes immediately on the title screen.


  • Rating: Stars4
  • Details: Revision master-d8b22d8b87. Passed 1st level but with too many error, such as Unknown color combiner source 2,Unhandled 0x30 (madi) and Unhandled 0x0b (flr).


  • Rating: Stars1
  • Details: TronDS cannot load commerical games.