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Citra running in Windows 8
Citra running in Windows 8
Developers bunnei
Written in C++
Operating System(s) Windows Vista+
Mac OS X
Architecture(s) x64
Latest stable release In Beta
Latest unstable release May 10th, 2016
Status Early Development
Release date(s) April 24th, 2014

Citra is an open source Nintendo 3DS emulator coded in C++ which was first released on April 24th, 2014 for Windows XP and above, then later released for Mac OS X and Linux. It is the first Nintendo 3DS emulator that has the capability to play commercial 3DS games, some eShop games, and homebrew games. Basic and some commercial games are playable at acceptable speeds, while bigger games do struggle, they are somewhat playable.

Citra supports texture upscale and HD output.

Citra is licensed under the GPLv2 License. It is included in the Arch Linux repositories.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista(1) Service Pack 2 64-bit(2) or above
    • Linux and Mac OS X 64-bit are also supported
  • Graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3 or above
  • A processor that has at least a core, but a processor with the highest possible performance per core is highly recommended(3).

How To

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  • 1: Citra does not natively support Windows XP (support for it was dropped a while ago), but certain variants of Citra may work on XP.
  • 2: Citra dropped support for 32-bit on April 8, 2015, but this does not necessarily mean it doesn't work on 32-bit operating systems. It does, but recompilation needs to be done.
  • 3: There are no official processor requirements (obviously don't expect to be running this on your 486), but performance may be impacted if your CPU is very old or isn't very powerful.

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