In the game, the player follows the story "Taiga", a 16-year-old male protagonist who is transported to the digital world, which in his universe is merely an online game. In the universe of Digimon, people raise creatures collectively referred to as Digimon, which shows some vague similarities to 'Tamagotchi'. Players raise the digimon through stages of growth that develops their personality, strength and speed, the five stages consisting of "Baby", "Child", "Adult", "Perfect" and "Ultimate". Digimon evolve over time by gaining stats and other factors. Digimon can get hungry, sick, injured or die and need care in order recover. The game has over 10,000 accessories to collect and equip on their digimon, which alter the character's in-game appearance. This game differs from the 'PSP' (PlayStation Portable) game for the following reasons: it includes new content such as new side missions, there are a whole bunch of new accessories and instead of being on the 'PSP' it has switched to the newer handheld console the 3DS (3D Dual-Screen).