Citra Wiki
Developer(s) 3DSEmulator Team
Written in Visual Basic .NET
OS Windows XP+
Stable release None
Unstable release None
Status Fake
Release date August 31, 2012

eMu3Ds (not to be confused with emuThreeDS, a legitimate emulator) was a fake Nintendo 3DS emulator scam produced by the 3DSEmulator team.

The website claimed it was a closed source 3DS emulator for the PC, and that "most games work" (with some having had full functionality such as Mario Kart 7). However, the software wouldn't run unless the user supplies a genuine 3DS "BIOS". The site would provide a link to download these "BIOS files", but would lock the download behind a survey. Each time a user did a survey, the site owner would earn a few bucks and the download often wouldn't unlock. On rare occasions, the download would unlock and provide the user the file, but afterwards, the emulator would demand the user "activate" it by doing another survey. As there was no code that checked if the user has completed the survey, this screen was impossible to bypass.

The eMu3Ds scam campaign stopped sometime around 2016. A similarly named (but unrelated and legitimate emulator) named emuThreeDS has since been released.