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eMu3Ds running on Windows 8
eMu3Ds running on Windows 8
Developers 3DSEmulator Team
Written in Visual Basic .NET
Operating System(s) Windows XP+
Architecture(s) Unknown
Latest stable release None
Latest unstable release None
Status Fake
Release date(s) August 31, 2012

eMu3Ds is a fake Nintendo 3DS emulator produced by the 3DSEmulator team. The website claims that it is a closed source 3DS Emulator for the PC that says most games work (and some have full functionality, such as Mario Kart 7). However, the software won't run unless the user supplies a genuine 3DS "BIOS". The site provides a download to these BIOS files, however, it links to a survey. Each time the user does a survey, the owner earns a few cents and most of the time, the download does not unlock. Even after the user successfully downloads the "BIOS" files, the emulator then requires the user to "activate" the emulator using a survey. However, there is no code in the program that checks if the user has completed the survey.

As the program is coded in Visual Basic .NET, you can view the code by using a program called DotNet Resolver. Showing this reveals there isn't actually any 3DS emulator; the menu buttons do not do anything, that the "eMu3Ds" image shown is a simple PictureBox permanently displayed over the program, and that there is no code at all that checks whether or not the surveys have been completed.

There were also rumors that eMu3Ds installs spyware on the users computer, but since there is no install function for eMu3Ds, it renders that very unlikely. However, as it is a fake emulator, you should remove it from your computer as it doesn't do anything. Though if you are suspicious, you can always do a malware scan on your computer using Malwarebytes or something similar.

In January 2015, the main website that hosted eMu3Ds stopped hosting eMu3Ds, and instead now hosts Citra, which is a real 3DS emulator. Specifically, it hosts Citra master-80a040a, which is capable of running The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D. However, it is always recommended that you use the official website for downloading Citra. Using the official site ensures you always get the latest build, and that nothing nasty will be potentially bundled in with the software. In March 2015, the website began to host eMu3Ds again. Sometime in early 2016 it started hosting old builds of Citra once again, but with adware and spyware bundled in. Therefor, it is highly recommended you avoid

As of right now, there are 4 real Nintendo 3DS emulators; Citra, 3dmoo, XDS, and TronDS. Although 3 out of the 4 can run commercial games, Citra is the best of them all, being able to at least start most games and even play some big commercial games at full speed (3dmoo can only run very basic games, XDS is more so for full emulation rather than actually playing games, and TronDS cannot play commercial games at all.)

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