Citra Wiki
Developer(s) Panda3DS team
Written in C++
OS Windows
Mac OS
Architecture x64
Status In Development
Release date July 9, 2023

Panda3DS is an open source HLE emulator developed by the Panda3DS team. It was released on July 9, 2023. The emulator is currently in its infancy stage and does not support some features such as audio. The emulator has built-in support for Lua scripting, some system apps, cheats, WIP amiibo support, and more.

This is currently the only actively developed emulator available for download on PC. Mikage is also in active development, but has no release of March 4, 2023.

Being in its early stages, the emulator isn't fully compatible with many games, and many games don't load or start. We can expect that this compatibility will greatly improve as the emulator matures and is developed further. Check out the Compatibility List to see which games currently work with Panda3DS!