Citra Wiki

This is the changelog for the emulator TronDS.

February 22, 2015[]

  • Added Circle Pad emulation
  • Added support for Soc:U and Cfg:U services
  • Added support for ARM Media instructions
  • Fixed bugs in VFPU emulation
  • Fixed bugs in GSP:GPU emulation

December 7, 2014[]

  • Fixed a bug launching CLR on Windows Vista and above.
  • Fixed bugs on VFPU emulation.
  • Fixed bugs in vertex shaders emulation.
  • Fixed bugs in textures management.
  • Add support for GSP Service.

November 10, 2014[]

  • Added support for 3d rendering.
  • Added support fo FS service.
  • Added support for GPU service.
  • Added support for kernel syncro objects like mutexes,semaphores et etc.
  • Fixed a bug in linear memory allocation.
  • Fixed a bug in rescheduling threads.

September 2, 2014[]

  • Added support for 3DS files
  • Added support for VFPU
  • Added support for Breakpoints
  • Fixed some bug in ARMv6 opcodes

May 28, 2014[]

  • ARM9/ARM11 interpreter for the 3DS appcore – the processor core dedicated to running user applications
  • OS HLE to support userland interaction with the various 3DS OS services
  • Framebuffer rendering
  • Debugger with ARM11 disassembler, register view (written in C#)