Citra Wiki

Currently, there are two actively maintained Nintendo 3DS Emulators: Mikage and Panda3DS. Support for Citra was dropped in March of 2024 after a lawsuit from Nintendo. These emulators are both imperfect, and may have different bugs with different games. Some older and now unmaintained emulators are 3dmoo, TronDS, and XDS.

Please note that although the games are ON this page, they might not have been fully tested yet. Certain games will obviously perform better and more games will become playable as more and more updates come through, so the list is constantly updating and changing. Keep checking back if your game does not work, is slow, or is not tested.


  • Stars5 - 5 stars: Plays perfectly with no issues at all.
  • Stars4 - 4 stars: Playable, with minor audio or graphical glitches, or both.
  • Stars3 - 3 stars: In-game, may play fine but with some bad graphical issues or audio problems, or both. Might crash frequently.
  • Stars2 - 2 stars: Menu/intro, Can see the intro and possibly the start screen, but crashes when loading the game.
  • Stars1 - 1 star: Unplayable: Games that either don't boot at all or boot to a black screen.
  • Stars0 - Untested: Untested - not tested yet, may or may not be playable.

Virtual Console[]

Name Release Date Developers Publishers Citra Compatibility Mikage Compatibility Panda3DS Compatibility
Super Mario Bros Deluxe Nintendo Stars4 Stars0 Stars0
Megaman Capcom Stars4 Stars0 Stars0